The Traditional Funeral

At a Crematorium


A Traditional Cremation in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire or Herefordshire.


For many years it has been a tradition in England and Wales to have a memorial funeral service where family, friends and colleagues can pay their respects.

In past times this service would be led by the local religious minister but in the last decade funeral have become much more personal and a non-religious service has proved to be popular.

With our professional experience combining to over 100 years we have helped to arrange most styles, wishes, religions and beliefs.

Funeral Flowers

Additional Options
please be aware of current funeral restrictions


Wish for a church service?

We can arrange a full church service pre or post cremation.

Each church has different fees so a bespoke cost will be discussed with you during the arrangements.

Approximate costs £500


NOTE: Church services are not available during the coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak.

Funeral Limousine
Need additional transport?
A traditional hearse is included in our fees however we can arrange for limousine for family and friends should you wish.
Each limousine costs £250.
NOTE: We have been advised to not offer limousine services during this time. This is for both yours and our team’s safety.
Funeral Flowers
Floral Tributes
Flowers have always been linked with family occasions as they are a personal way to show you love a care for someone.
We can help to arrange the right tribute for you. Whether it is a spray for the top of the coffin or something more unique we use local, experienced florists who have been tried and trusted for years.
NOTE: Please be aware that most florists have had to close during the coronavirus epidemic and suppliers are finding it increasingly difficult to import.
Environmentally Friendly Coffins
Slightly larger size coffins

For clients requiring a coffin over 6’2″ tall or 22″ width and/or weighing in excess of 20 stone we require additional costs of £350, due to staffing needs and bespoke size coffins.


NOTE: During the current Covid-19 epidemic most coffin suppliers are under extreme pressure to produce a variety of coffins. As such there may be very limited options available.

BIFD British institute of Funeral Directors
Fair Funeral Pledge
SAIF member

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