The Traditional Funeral

A burial in a churchyard or cemetery


A traditional burial funeral service in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.


A traditional burial funeral service is the most traditional form of funeral in the world.
As time has passed there have been amendments to the way in which a burial takes place and the purchasing of graves. There have also been trends in memorial options.
The burial of a loved one would normally follow a service in the local parish church, a cemetery chapel or just simply at the graveside.
The grave itself can be newly purchased from a cemetery or permission for a new grave can be sought at the local church. It is usual for a new grave to be prepared to be able to hold the current interment and space for a future interment.
Alternatively, your loved one may have access to an existing grave. This would mean we simply re-open that grave to place them into the family grave.
Prior to a burial it is important than any existing headstone is removed. We would instruct our local stonemason to remove and store the memorial until such time that you are ready to instruct a further inscription and also to let the ground settle.
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Additional costs

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Wish for a church service?

Our traditional burial service includes a service at the graveside however, if you would like a service in the church or another venue pre or post interment we can arrange it all for you.

As all churches charge different fees a bespoke cost will be discussed during the funeral arrangements.


NOTE: Most churches are now closed for a service inside the building due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Cemetery charges
The cost of the interment (gravedigger) is included within the price however, for cemeteries you may need to purchase the grave and may also be subject to non-resident surcharges.

Similar to church fees, all cemeteries have different costs, we will find all this information out for you so that you can make an informed decision on your wishes.


We work with local stonemasons to arrange headstones and other grave memorials.

If a burial is to take place in an existing grave with a memorial, we will need to arrange for this to be removed.

The fee for this depends on the size of the existing memorial which our stonemasons will discuss with us.
Slighty larger coffin requirements

For clients requiring a coffin over 6’2″ tall or 22″ width and/or weighing in excess of 20 stone we require additional costs of £350, due to staffing needs and bespoke size coffins.

Our tried and trusted stonemasons

We work with both Stonemasons or Worcester and Simply Stone Memorials who can remove, update and supply new memorials.

Please click on either logo to be taken to their respective websites.

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