The Traditional Funeral

A burial in a churchyard or cemetery

Traditional burial


Including directors’ fees, £350 interment fee allowance and a minister or celebrant.

This includes the expert advice and guidance of an experienced Funeral Director from the initial arrangements through to, and beyond, the day of the burial. The completion of all administrative duties and arrangement of third party companies, including organisation and all necessary paperwork.


Conveyance and care of your loved one.

This is our focus for your loved one. We will convey them into our care within 15 miles of one of our funeral homes, in a specially equipped private ambulance. They will remain in our care until the day of the funeral service and you will be communicated with every step of the way. During their time with us, we will ensure the upmost dignity is provided in their preparation and dressing in their own clothes. Our private chapel of rest is available should you wish to visit them.


A traditional hearse and four coffin bearers.

On the day of the funeral, your loved one will travel in a traditional black hearse and carried, subject to safety, by four professional coffin bearers.


The coffin selection.

We will supply a simple elm or oak effect coffin however you are welcome to choose from our full range if you wish, at an additional cost. We will only discuss these options if they are requested.

Funeral Flowers

Additional costs

Supporting St Richards Lights of Love

Wish for a church service?

Our traditional burial service includes a service at the graveside however, if you would like a service in the church or another venue pre or post interment we can arrange it all for you.

As all churches charge different fees a bespoke cost will be discussed during the funeral arrangements.

Cemetery charges
The cost of the interment (gravedigger) is included within the price however, for cemeteries you may need to purchase the grave and may also be subject to non-resident surcharges.

Similar to church fees, all cemeteries have different costs, we will find all this information out for you so that you can make an informed decision on your wishes.


We work with local stonemasons to arrange headstones and other grave memorials.

If a burial is to take place in an existing grave with a memorial, we will need to arrange for this to be removed.

The fee for this depends on the size of the existing memorial which our stonemasons will discuss with us.
Which for a different coffin?
The traditional package includes a simple oak or elm effect coffin, however we do offer a full range covering wood veneers, solid woods, wood and metal caskets as well as eco-friendly willows, cardboard and wool.
For a more unique and personal tribute we can help create a fully customised print coffin.

NOTE: For clients requiring a coffin over 6’2″ tall or 22″ width and/or weighing in excess of 20 stone we require additional costs of £350, due to staffing needs and bespoke size coffins.

Our tried and trusted stonemasons

We work with both Stonemasons or Worcester and Simply Stone Memorials who can remove, update and supply new memorials.

Please click on either logo to be taken to their respective websites.

24 hour personal attention from Matthew, Mark, Lee or Tracey.