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23rd March 2020.

To all of the community

This is a post I never thought I would make. As a company we have been affected by the current situation like other businesses. We are a family and, like you, we are concerned for our family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and community.

With widespread public concern, panic, anxiety and confusion, I wish to address a false perception that has made an incredible effect to us as a company.

Attending a funeral is possible. Although the safest funeral service is a non-attended cremation or burial, however this is removing your time to say goodbye in your own way.

Until we are told otherwise we are offering some amendments to our funeral service options. The safest option for you to attend would be for a service in one of our chapels and then allow us to care for your loved one at the committal. We have partnered with other local businesses to be able to privately webcast the service to those who can not attend.

As I have always promised transparency and honesty to our families I must explain how the current situation impacts a funeral business. A fully attended funeral service costs approximately £3000-£6000. With this option being removed the public are automatically assuming that a non-standard funeral is the only option which costs £1200.

To be able for a funeral company like ourselves to survive during this period there must be one of three things to happen:

1. Increase the costs to the public- we have already seen local companies opt for this but I refuse to do this with my company (now is certainly a time for you to shop around).

2. Need the death rate to increase threefold to equate for the loss in value of each funeral – this is certainly not something anyone wants (even us).

3. Hope the community support us – as a small family company this will in turn allow us to support them.

What am I asking of you, our community. Just a simple share of this post to allow anyone facing the prospect of funeral arrangements the chance to make an informed choice. 

I am aware that many funeral directors will read this and hopefully respect why I have given the brutal honesty of the risk to our profession. We are all in this together and should you be affected by isolation within your staff please get in contact. I implore you to accept the days of invoicing each other and professional competition is over, we must help each other.

I do wish to end on something positive and helpful to you. During anytime of concern repeat the following to yourself.

Breathe. Take a moment.

We can make it through this together.

A community is not a physical size, it is a collection of souls willing to support and care for each other.

Matt Jackson

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