No Fuss, Direct Cremation Funeral Directors Fees £350 Call 24 hrs

What is a no fuss, direct cremation?

This type of service takes a variety of different names in the UK;

  • direct cremation
  • no service cremation
  • cremation without a ceremony
  • cheapest funeral
  • a no fuss funeral

It is the most practical, legal type of a funeral available, removing the fuss, stress and financial burden of a traditional service.

It helps to separate the cremation from the ceremony, allowing you to focus on remembering them in your own way.

It also removes the rushed nature of a traditional funeral. As the committal takes place without your attendance, so you can arrange a personal goodbye at your own pace with no time restrictions.

We can also help to arrange a lasting memorial item such as jewellery containing your loved ones ashes or created from their fingerprints, please see our memorial products page.

There are many direct cremation providers that have opened in the last 12 months. Although we welcome such a wide range of options to allow personal choice, it may not always be good for you. You may have noticed we call them direct cremation providers and not funeral directors offering a direct cremation service. This can be explained by clicking the ‘selecting the right provider for you’ button below.

We are immensely proud that we maintain a high standard of care and service, regardless of the type of funeral service requested.

Unfortunately not all direct cremation providers feel the same way.

Please click the button below for advice on selecting the right provider for you.

What's included...

Our no-fuss funeral director’s cost of £350 includes (please be aware of additional costs below);

  • Bringing a loved one into our care from any hopsital in England or Wales.
  • Qualified advice and assistance to gain a death certificate and understanding the Coroner’s procedures.
  • The arrangement, assistance and completion of all cremation paperwork.
  • The highest level of care for your loved one at our funeral home until the time of cremation.
  • Dignified conveyance of your loved one to our selected crematorium.
  • The collection of ashes from the crematorium. We can deliver them to any mainland address via trackable courier service for £25 or hand-deliver them to you for £145.

If you wish to attend the service but still wish to keep a no-fuss approach, we do offer a simple service nationwide.

Click here for more information about our simple service.

Possible additional costs

Crematorium Fees

Crematorium Fees



We have now built relationships with a variety of crematoria allowing us to offer a reduced cremation cost.

Non-Hospital Care Options


We can bring your loved one into our care from their private residence or care home, 24 hours a day.

During office hours our fees are £150

For outside of office hours £250

If the death has occurred at their home or nursing home, not local to ourselves, we will arrange for a local funeral director to provide the initial care of your loved one.

Doctor’s Cremation Forms



These certificates are not applicable if the death is under investigation by HM Coroner via a post-mortem or inquest.

Should there be a need to instruct doctor’s to complete certificates this would inccur £164 costs (£82 per doctor).

Coffin Selection

From £100


For a non-attended funeral we can now offer a very basic but dignified wood effect coffin for £100.

Alternatively we can discuss any coffins from our main range which start at £275.

NOTE: For clients requiring a coffin over 6’2″ tall or 22″ width and/or weighing in excess of 20 stone we require additional costs of £350, due to staffing needs and bespoke size coffins.

Pre-paying for a no-fuss funeral

By paying for the funeral now, you can remove the fincancial burden and stress your family would normally be left with. It will also tell your family and friends of you wishes. The cost is fully guaranteed so your family will not be asked for another penny.

The cost of a pre-paid funeral plan is higher that our at need service as it includes cover of all eventualities such as the possible need of doctor’s cremation certificates and also provision of costs if a death occurs away from a hospital.

A pre-payment plan can be arranged by post, telephone or online by clicking the button below. You can either pay by installments or in a single, one-off payment.

Fair Funeral Pledge

24 hour personal attention from Matthew, Mark, Lee or Tracey.