Our Direct Cremation Service.
Nationwide service by a family owned, independent funeral director.

Our national direct cremation option is a non-attended cremation service that aims to reduce the price of a funeral but allows you to remember your loved one in your own way.

It means you and your family can have time to focus on either a personal service elsewhere, a family meal, a party or to simply just sit and remember them.

There are many direct cremation providers that have opened in the last 12 months. Although we welcome such a wide range of options to allow personal choice, it may not always be good for you.

You may have noticed we call them direct cremation providers and not funeral directors offering a direct cremation service. The difference between the two options is quite considerable. On one hand you may pay a lot less to a direct cremation provider as they are unlikely to have the correct mortuary facilities and care setting. The person looking after the arrangements is likely to be part of a call centre, meaning they have little experience and work from a checklist.

With a funeral director you will receive support from an experienced funeral director who is trained in all aspects of the profession. This means, should there be an issue with paperwork or need specific expertise in difficult cases, they are there to be leant on.

We are immensely proud of the high standards we maintain in both our care and service. You will speak with the same funeral director throughout the arrangements and we can make almost any request possible.

Pre-paying for a Direct Cremation

By paying for the funeral now, you can remove the fincancial burden and stress your family would normally be left with. It will also tell your family and friends of you wishes. The cost is fully guaranteed so your family will not be asked for another penny.

The cost of a pre-paid funeral plan is higher that our at need service as it includes cover of all eventualities such as the possible need of doctor’s cremation certificates and also provision of costs if a death occurs away from a hospital.

A pre-payment plan can be arranged by post, telephone or online by clicking the button below. You can either pay by installments or in a single, one-off payment.

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