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Our funeral Services

We create individual, personal services for all our funerals but to help we have put together easy to understand funeral packages,

which can be tailored to suit your needs.

No fuss, direct cremation funeral

This type of funeral takes a variety of different names in the UK; direct cremation, cremation only, no fuss funeral. In essence it is a very straight forward cremation of a loved one without having a funeral service. It has gained popularity throughout the country with some high-profile celebrities favouring this option. We can offer this type of service throughout England and Wales.

Direct Cremation

The simple service

A full memorial service without the formalities of a traditional funeral. This allows your family to create a personalised service, lead by a celebrant or minister but without the looming presence of a hearse and funeral director.

We have created this service to make a full service lighter, family focused and more affordable.

Funeral pre-payment plans

Pre-paid funeral plans have become a very popular method of making sure your wishes are carried out whilst minimising the financial burden of a funeral at a time when your family will be grieving.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital part of planning for your future and how it will affect your family. By taking steps now, you can reduce the stress and costs of administering your estate, ensuring your assests are divided how you wish.