Selecting a Direct Cremation Provider

Understanding the direct cremation process

Before understanding where dangers can arise by selecting the wrong provider, you need to be aware of the process:

  • Your loved one will remain in the hospital mortuary (or moved to another funeral directors) until the necessary paperwork is completed.
  • The provider will collect your loved one from the hospital or funeral directors.
  • In the meantime, application for cremation forms and the registration of death will take place.
  • Your loved one will be placed in a suitable coffin.
  • Paperwork will be submitted to the crematorium, minimum 48 hours prior to the cremation.
  • Your loved one will make their final journey to the crematorium.
  • The ashes will be collect by the provider and sent to the family.

The comparison table below shows some information that you may not have thought of.

REMEMBER: Ask as many questions as you can until you feel comfortable.

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