Our families saved £642,718.61 in 2019

15th January 2020.

As a new year and decade are now upon us, it’s refreshing to look back at 2019 to see how we performed as a business and how our service benefitted the families that we provide funeral services for. 

Forming in early 2018, we are still a relatively young business but from the outset we had experience of the Funeral services profession and a vision to offer funeral services within Worcestershire, that offered choice and transparency of costs.  The variety of Funeral Services that we offer, has enabled families to choose to spend as much or as little as they can afford.  The details of what each Funeral Service costs and what is included in that cost is listed clearly, additional fees and optional additional costs are also outlined to enable families to make an informed choice as to the exact service they would like.  Consequently, we feel that this level of choice and transparency has enabled our customers to make great savings at a time when they are encountering a high level of stress due to bereavement.  

We reported last year that the average cost of a UK funeral in 2018 was £4,271, mainly due to the average Funeral Director’s fee being £2,595 (Sunlife’s cost of dying report 2018).  We were also pleased to report that during the first Quarter of 2019 we had saved families a total of £269,000.  We have decided to follow up on this monitoring of savings made by our families and are now pleased to announce, that during the whole of 2019 our families saved £642,718.61 compared to £191,972.38 during 2018.  These calculations were made using Sunlife’s cost of dying report 2020 whereby the new average cost of a funeral is £4,417.

The realisation that we are alleviating some of the financial burden on grieving families, ensures that as we head into 2020, our vision remains the same.  We will continue to offer a personal service to the families of Worcestershire that includes a range of choice and costs that are transparent from the outset.  Our aim is to continue to challenge the Funeral Directors within the area which are part of national groups, we are proud to be family owned and truly independent… with the philosophy our family serving yours.

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