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1st February 2021.

Leading the funeral industry with an open and honest ethos, Jackson Family Funeral Directors reflect on the current findings of The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The CMA has published the final report on its in-depth market investigation into funeral services, confirming its remedies for the sector.

At Jackson Family Funeral Directors, we have built the foundation of our business on open and transparent pricing, with all families treated equally. We welcome a more regulated industry to safeguard families in their hour of need and to protect the vulnerable. Clarity of ownership of a funeral directors has also been an issue with the industry, as businesses continue to market themselves as ‘family owned’ when in fact larger organisations have acquired the funeral directors giving potentially false marketing messages.

The final report by the CMA sets out details on ‘remedies’ for the industry which are fully supported by Jackson Family Funeral Directors. These include:

  • an obligation for all funeral directors and crematorium operators to disclose prices in a manner that will help customers make more informed decisions;
  • that information must be provided in advance of a customer committing to purchase a service so that people know the price they will be charged and the key terms of business – for example if a deposit is required;
  • that customers should be made aware of any relevant business, financial and commercial interests of the funeral director, and that certain practices – such as payments which may incentivise hospitals, care homes or hospices to refer customers to a particular funeral director – will be prohibited;
  • a recommendation to government to establish an independent inspection and registration regime to monitor the quality of funeral director services as a first step in the establishment of a broader regulatory regime for funeral services.

At Jackson’s we will continue to keep abreast of changes in the funeral services industry, where we strive for change that can support families. It is hoped that this report will finally make all funeral directors practice honesty to their families and respect the trust that a family places in them. We are in 100% support of the CMA and wholeheartedly agree with everything they have highlighted.

For further information about the recent CMA industry report please call 01386 552724 or alternatively email marketing@jacksonfamilyfunerals.com.

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