Jackson Family Funeral Directors hosts heartwarming Sunrise Service in Worcestershire

Our heartwarming Sunrise Services in Worcestershire

We’re adding a new ‘Sunrise Service’ to our offerings across Worcestershire. This new service aims to bridge the gap between a non-attended, direct cremation and a full funeral service at the crematorium.

The sunrise services are scheduled for the early morning hours, usually at 9am or 9.30am, and accommodate up to 20 attendees for a 20-minute service. Although this may appear to be a brief duration, one of the experienced funeral celebrants and ministers on the team craft a deeply personal and meaningful service, complete with music, poems, prayers and eulogies.

Matt explains: “The Sunrise Service offers a new opportunity to families in Worcestershire. Its introduction offers an option for those seeking a more concise and intimate funeral experience. Additionally, it provides a cost-effective alternative compared to a full-length service, held later in the day.

This new service can be fully customised to meet the unique needs and wishes of the families it serves, including both religious and non-religious options, vehicle and bearer selections, coffin upgrades, floral arrangements, orders of service, the collection of charitable donations and any other bespoke requests.

Recognising that all funerals are unique, Jackson Family Funeral Directors understands that the level of time and expertise required by the funeral director varies. A smaller service entails less administrative and operational support, ultimately reducing the professional fees. Moreover, crematoriums have acknowledged that some families prefer a shorter service, which results in both their increased availability and lower charges.

We’ve long been known for our commitment to providing compassionate and personalised funeral services. The Sunrise Service in Worcestershire demonstrates our dedication to offering support and care to individuals and families during their times of need.

Matt continues: “Local families can find solace in this service as it remains a special, cherished memory of a departed loved one.

For the Jackson Family Funeral Directors team, the Sunrise Service is not just a new service offering but a reflection of our ongoing mission to help individuals navigate the challenging journey of grief.

As seen online in Sterling magazine.