Jackson Family Funeral Directors Celebrates Amie's Dedication and Professional Achievements in the Funeral Industry

Jackson Family Funeral Directors Celebrates Amie’s Dedication and Professional Achievements in the Funeral Industry

Jackson Family Funeral Directors is honoured to announce that Amie Cook’s continuous commitment to excellence has set a standard for the industry, which remains unregulated, after gaining an apprenticeship of Funeral Director (Level 3).

Since joining Jackson Family Funeral Directors, Amie Cook’s commitment to personal and professional growth has been evident. Amie was welcomed to the team after gaining a basic foundation in the business from Ledbury Funeral Services and now manages our Malvern Funeral Home. Amie has always been focused on her career, having known what career path she wanted to take from an early age. Since then, she has embarked on a continuous learning path and in February 2023 attained a qualification as a recognised Funeral Director.

Amie successfully completed the nationally recognised apprenticeship of Funeral Director (Level 3) provided by Hit Training/Connect2Care this in 2023.

The course provided additional learning within the role, allowing evidence of knowledge, skills and behaviours to be presented against a variety of modules. This included the role of a leader within the funeral home setting, promoting effective communication methods between colleagues and the bereaved. Other areas covered included the processing of donations and debt management, the legalities of specialist funeral services and how reputation can be affected within the local community both positively and negatively.

Reflecting on Amie’s achievements, trainer, Chris, said: “This [course] has allowed Amie to become more proficient in her role; leading the team to provide the best service possible to the clients, the utmost respect of the deceased and creating a harmonious and inclusive working environment for her colleagues. In addition to this learning, Amie has also had to complete a Level 2 Mathematics qualification to demonstrate her proficiency in this – a skill that is truly necessary within the funeral industry.”

Amie herself acknowledges the significance of her journey: “In an industry lacking regulation, this qualification has granted me a comprehensive understanding of every facet of the role. Whether managing debts, assuming the full responsibilities of a funeral director, or navigating diverse stages of grief, this qualification equips me comprehensively.”

The 14-month apprenticeship period culminated in her achievement of the qualification, an accomplishment of great personal significance.

Amie enthused: “I am now armed with a wealth of knowledge about my role. Sharing my qualification journey with families adds a sense of credibility and dedication to my service. The various aspects of the qualification, including engaging professional discussions and exam-setting assessments, pushed me beyond my comfort zone, amplifying my confidence. I wholeheartedly encourage all Funeral Directors to embark on a similar path.”

Amie’s distinction shines through her dedication to personalised service. Amidst corporate procedures, she emphasises the significance of smaller, intimate touches that often missed. These little things build up to create a fully unique tribute to a family’s loved one. This sentiment is mirrored in recent feedback.

Testimonials echo this sentiment, with Ria Wilkins expressing: “…Amie was there every step of the way, providing immense comfort during a poignant time.”

“A more professional caring young lady you will not find in this profession, she went above and beyond for our family and we are eternally grateful for the care she gave us and my late Father. Thank you Amie xx” Kay Kay.

“What wonderful comments and I couldn’t agree more, it’s always a pleasure to work with you Amie.” Stonemasons Of Worcester Ltd.

As seen online in Sterling Magazine.