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How does Covid-19 affect funerals

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is affecting all aspects of our lives and also affecting us in death.

As it seems the epidemic is easing, and the Government has started relaxing some of the distancing guidelines, the restrictions surrounding funeral attendances are also becoming more relaxed.
At one point it was advised that no attendees were allowed to the funerals of a Covid-19 related passing. For non Covid-19 related funerals the attendance was down to 5 people maximum. It seems that on a bi-weekly basis the numbers of attendees from the 5 immediate family to 10, then 14 and 20. We presume that this type of staggered increase may continue.
These restrictions do not stop a funeral taking place and we can still work with you to make everything as personal and unique as possible. Over the past few weeks we have arranged live webcasts, live Zoom meetings and even used Facebook Live. We have also arranged social distanced lining of roads, taken special routes to the funeral to make sure everyone who would of wanted to attend, can.
The most special change we have seen is after the funeral, family members are going for walks, having picnics at the front of their house so neighbours can pay respects and alot of online video chats.
Although it felt very lonely for families at the start of the epidemic, as time has passed we have helped find new ways and means to keep everyone connected.
I must praise my team of colleagues who have all joined in with fresh ideas to maintain dignity and respect as we were being told to reduce and even stop some of the traditional services.
This situation has shown our profession that it must embrace the modern world, use technology to our advantage and it really has helped speed up the processes of paperwork, registration and even trying to book a date and time at a crematorium.
We feel very lucky to have a team who has always used digital options to make funeral arrangements easier and we do hope some of these processes remain long after the epidemic has finished.

If you are ready this as a family we have served or as a family getting a feel of various different funeral directors, I can ensure you that we are doing everything in our power to fulfill all wishes and requests. If you just want advice, double check if a restriction you have been made aware of is reasonable or factual or just want a chat, we are here you just need to call us.


Take care, remain calm and stay safe.

With kindest regards

Matt Jackson
Managing Director – Jackson Family Funeral Directors

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