Our funeral services

The funeral profession has recently been under scrutiny by the Competitive Market Authority due to companies having hidden charges and not showing their prices upfront. We founded our company prior to this investigation and are proud to say we have always shown our prices as visibly as possible.

We believe that every funeral is unique and we have one of the most extensive variety of options available.

Our funeral service costs have been designed to help you think about what type of service you would like as well as give you an estimate of costs. We strongly disagree with companies who offer a ‘price match’ service as it provokes the question – why were they not lower cost to begin with?


Our professional fees

Non-Attended Funeral

  • Advice and limited administration
  • Free bereavement support
  • Online charity donations
  • Fully carbon offset
  • A memorial tree planted in a worldwide project

An Attended Funeral

  • Advice and all administration
  • Free bereavement support
  • Full management of charity donations
  • Fully carbon offset
  • A memorial tree planted in the UK

Funeral for a Child

  • Advice and all administration
  • Free bereavement support
  • Full management of charity donations
  • Fully carbon offset
  • A memorial tree planted in the UK
No charge

Bringing your loved one into our care

From hospital

  • During office hours

From their home

  • 24/7 response

From a care home

  • 24/7 response

While your loved one is with us

Providing the correct care facilities, preparation and visiting options

Remain as they are

  • A regularly requested option if no visitation will take place

Ready for you to visit

  • A full wash and dressing in their own clothes or a gown


£195 additional
  • Not everyone requires embalming but it is recommended in certain situations

Removal of devices

£75 additional
  • The removal and sensitive recycling of hazardous devices

Visiting your loved one

£75 per visit
  • Charging for visits to the chapel is a new concept for us but we believe this matches our aim of no hidden costs or families being charged for services they do not wish to use.

Coffin range

We have an extensive coffin range and a new online brochure is coming soon.

Below are just a sample of our range for the purposes of giving a general idea of costs.

Our coffin range starts from

  • We can provide any type of coffin you wish but we will always help you remain within your budget. Our team are not here to sell to you, they are here to help you find what you want.

Custom sized coffin

£150 additional
  • Sometimes we may need to have a coffin built outside of the manufacturer's standard size range or there maybe the need for additional a high strength construction.

Floral Tributes

Throughout history flowers have always been present at funerals.

They were originally used to provide a pleasant fragrance which is why lilies were so regularly included. The unpleasant odours came from the deceased person due to the way they were cared for.

But with the advancement of mortuary equipment and the decrease in popularity of having a loved one come home, flowers are used solely as a personal tribute.

The day of the funeral

The way in which a funeral takes place has changed over the past decade. The traditional format of a church service followed by a private burial or cremation has become less popular.

Rather than giving 2 or 3 packages options we have developed endless ways for you to build the elements of the day in the way you wish.

If you have a specific request in mind and can not see it listed, just ask us. Our funeral directors focus on fulfilling your requests and specialise in making the impossible, possible.

Funeral Director Guidance

Family led service

No funeral director
  • If you wish to make the funeral a more informal affair you can lead the funeral yourselves without us being present at the service. We would of course provide everything you request up to this point and ensure your loved one is at the service location prior to your arrival.

Guided by a funeral director

  • Most families wish for us to lead them through the day. This can remove a great deal of stress as you know that all arrangements you have made will be personally fulfilled by the funeral director you made them with. Our funeral directors being at hand also allows you piece of mind knowing that last minute checks and corrections can be made as well as handling any spontaneous issues.

Pall Bearers

Team of two bearers

Having a team of two bearers to ensure the service can start in a dignified and professional way. *This is a minimum requirement for family led and non-attended services due to the requirements to position your loved one.

Team of four bearers

Four bearers are the minimum needed to be able to professionally and safely carry your loved one into the funeral service.

Team of six bearers

Sometimes we need to use a full team of six bearers for both the dignity of carrying your loved one and the safety of our team.


Private Ambulance

Our private ambulances are purposely fitted to bring a loved one into our care. These vehicles are best suited for non-attended funerals.


A hearsette is an estate car that is fitted internally to provide an alternative for a hearse. This type of vehicle is ideally suited for a funeral where your loved one will be placed in the chapel prior to your arrival.


A hearse is the most formal style of vehicle used for a funeral. We do have a minimum requirement of four bearers to be able to carry your loved one into a chapel for the service.

Horse drawn hearse

A horse drawn hearse is the most traditional style of funeral transport. We work with a local carriage master who can provide black or white horses and carriage.


Our matching limousine provides up to 7 family members or friends to the funeral service. We work with a local carriage master should you wish for more than one.

Third Party Fees

It’s is quite regular for third party fees to make up half of the funeral costs. These fees are set by the individual companies we will handle to ensure your choices have been fulfilled.

Such third party costs are coffins and flower (both covered above), crematoria, doctors, grave purchase and preparation, cemetery fees, printers etc. The list can be endless and very much dependent on the choices you make.

If you are wanting to keep the funeral costs set to a certain budget we can discuss ways in which costs can be reduced without affecting the overall experience.


Our experienced team can obtain specific costs for the third parties for you.

Paying for a funeral


We have a valuable relationship with Funeral Safe who offer finance options specifically for the funeral profession. The link opposite will take you to their easy to use finance calculator allowing you to spread the cost to an affordable level.