We all make our own life choices...

So why should a funeral be a set package?

Welcome to the new way of planning

We have removed the barriers set over the years by traditional funeral directors who offer the same funeral type, format and service to everyone. Set packages often include items and services that are neither wanted or used, yet they are charged for anyway. We have broken down all the sections of a funeral so you can create the funeral you want and not be charged for the parts you don’t want.

Our Expertise...Your Choice

  • Non-attended Service
  • Attended Service
  • Funeral for a Child

A non-attended service is otherwise known as a direct cremation or direct burial.

It is the simplest form of legal committal.

It leaves us to look after the formalities of a cremation or burial whilst you focus on your own personal goodbye.

An attended service is the most usual style of funeral in the UK.

Whether the service is at the crematorium chapel, cemetery, a church or even in your garden, we can ensure that we provide the most personal tribute to your loved one.

An attended service can give you the most flexibility of choice. 

All of our team have experience in handling specific requests and can give a helping hand to families who wish to do as much of the preparations as possible.

No one can imagine how difficult it is to lose a child and plan their funeral. However, we are here to help and support you every step of the way.