Environmental Initiatives

How does a funeral impact the environment?

We have recognised that regardless of whether a funeral is a burial or a cremation, they have a long term impact on the environment.

For a cremation committal the impact comes from a variety of different factors including the actual cremation process, the use of fossil fuels to heat the cremators, the burning of wood and plastic used in coffin manufacturing, harmful chemicals and man-made materials in clothing.

With a burial committal there can sometimes be a larger impact depending on what type of material is used for the coffin, what the fixtures are made of, whether there has been chemicals used during the preparation of the body plus many more factors that can affect the natural environment near the grave.

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Our tree planting

Our aim is not to just offset the carbon footprint of a funeral but tip the balance enough to ensure every funeral we are trusted to care for has a positive impact.

So how is this possible?

Simply by planting a tree….

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Tree planting

Why plant trees?

Trees are one of the world’s most powerful natural carbon recycling ecosystems due to their photosynthesis process.

They draw in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen as a biproduct.

On average a funeral can produce 0.294 tonne of carbon and our carefully selected trees recycle at minimum 0.3 tonne over their lifetime.

Certificated planting

Each tree that is planted will receive a digital certificate verifying the tree, it’s type and it’s location.

The planting can be dedicated in memory of your loved one and personalised to any family member. This can provide a lasting memorial in place of a physical keepsake.

Although we only send the certificates digitally, please do feel free to print and mount them in a frame but we do ask that you use an eco-friendly printer and printing materials

Precise location

Our selected tree planting partners help fund planting in various projects both within the UK and also across the world.

Some of the projects are large and will require planting for many years whereas some projects are very small.

This means that the projects available change from time to time.