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6th April 2020.

Funeral Directors at the frontline of COVID-19 take daily risks to safeguard the care of the deceased and the support of their loving families. Funerals have always been considered a taboo subject, but as we approach the peak in daily COVID-19 deaths from coronavirus, the risks to funeral staff intensifies, largely going unmentioned.

With limited stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) workwear and essentials such as hand sanitiser, funeral directors are facing COVID-19 head-on, risking their own lives and their families on a daily basis. No one wants to talk about death and funerals at ‘normal’ times, let alone in a global crisis but increasing the awareness of the risks to all keyworkers, including funeral directors, can help protect our communities and stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus in its tracks.

Matthew Jackson, Funeral Director and founder of Jackson Family Funeral Directors, explains, “We’ve always tried to be open and honest about the funeral industry and this couldn’t be more so in the current crisis that threatens everybody and everything. The misconception that funeral directors must be ‘cashing in’ from the coronavirus, couldn’t be further from the truth! All funeral directors have a duty of care to families in their darkest hour and although current restrictions are in place that limit traditional funerals, due to social distancing rules, our level of care never waivers.”

Matthew adds, “My concerns also lie with the safety of my team. Everyday we are in direct contact with the victims of coronavirus and their families, with limited supplies to keep them safe. In addition to the heroic efforts of the NHS and all frontline staff, I will also be clapping this Thursday at 8pm for all funeral staff across the globe who are putting their own lives at risk, to ensure dignified end of life care.”

Jackson Family Funeral Directors who have four branches across Worcestershire, are renowned for their forward-thinking approach to the funeral industry, working tirelessly with local communities, charities and businesses to deliver exceptional care. One of the last remaining independent family run funeral directors in the county, Jackson Family Funeral Directors continue their unprecedented commitment to customer service and family values.

If you are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the funeral services available, please call 01386 552724 or alternatively email office@jacksonfamilyfunerals.com.

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