The CMA Standardised Pricelist

CMA Standardised Pricelist

In September 2021 the funeral profession began the process of regulation from the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) to ensure all funeral directors have a transparent and visible pricing structure. The Standardised Pricelist is a set structure of services which allows families to directly compare funeral directors and make an informed choice.

Please do remember this is only a cost comparison and not a comparison of the service you receive. The best way to compare this side of funeral directors we suggest reading reviews from previous families.

Jackson Family's Standardised Prices

Jackson Family CMA Standardised Pricelist 2021

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The above standardised pricelist only shows a limited set of services available to you but we offer so much more.

You will often here our team’s favourite phrase “If it is legal, we can do it”. It is an ethos that our team thrive upon, so even if you can not find something on our full services menu, please just ask.

As quite a modern funeral directors we recognise that every person is unique and so should their farewell be. The general public’s habit of being told by a funeral director what is socially acceptable has now largely disappeared and we fully embrace this change. The link below will take you to our full services page.

Third Party Fees

When discussing Third Parties we actually mean, any company we must contract the services of to complete a funeral.

The main Third Parties are; the crematorium, cemetery, florist, printers. Below are the prices of our local services and also their websites should you wish to speak to them directly.

Terms of Business

To ensure full transparency please find below a copy of our Terms of Business. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with you, as such it is important to us that there is no small print, just a clear and easy to understand agreement between yourselves and us.

Our families are asked to sign these terms when they receive a confirmation of funeral arrangements and estimate of costs. Terms of Business are very important for both you as the family and us as a business, it helps both of us understand clearly what the expectations and agreements are for both parties.

Spreading the cost

We have a valuable relationship with Funeral Safe who offer finance options specifically for the funeral profession. The link opposite will take you to their easy to use finance calculator allowing you to spread the cost to an affordable level.

Spread the cost of your funeral service with Funeral Safe financing options