Who are we?

Jackson Family Funeral Directors are an independent funeral directors owned by Matthew and Laura Jackson.

We opened our first funeral directors in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire following Matthew’s 10 year career as a funeral director for other corporate and independent businesses in Worcester and Pershore.

Our company and team has grown considerably over the past few years but we have been very careful not to lose sight of our foundations and ethics.


As part of the CMA’s Funerals Market Order, our full ownership (as explained above), business and financial information can be seen on Companies House, registered number 11145558.

Funeral Plans from Jackson Family Funeral Directors

Why we started

Matthew and Laura decided to open Jackson Family Funeral Directors as Matthew had experienced good, bad and unethical practices in the various funeral companies he had worked for. Families were often only given choices that gave large profit or were easy to fulfil, hidden prices allowed to higher the costs dependent on a family’s affordability and corporate company’s hiding behind established independent, family names.

Whilst Matthew had experienced these good and bad practices throughout his career and Laura had witnessed the emotional effect these practices had on Matthew. It became apparent that if a funeral director felt wrong about how something then it would be disastrous to a family’s wellbeing. There was clearly only one way to make a difference and that was to provide a service that people deserved.

Our Ethos

Since the company’s founding they have been leading the way in disrupting the practices of traditional funeral directors. They have changed the understanding of how a funeral directors are a pillar of the community, not by just signing a cheque for the local hospice or care home but by actually taking part in fundraising and volunteering. To see other local funeral directors now catching up to the realisation that we are all just normal people who have been given complete trust to care for someone they love deeply. That trust is considered an honour and not be abused for the sake of profits and personal satisfaction.

Our growth

Since our first funeral home opened in Upton-upon-Severn we have carefully selected the locations of our funeral homes dependent on the limited options available to the community.

In November 2018 our Pershore funeral home was opened. Although their was another independent funeral directors in Pershore it was well known that the business would be soon purchased by a larger company, no longer being owned by the Hill family. As Pershore town is fiercely supportive of independent and family owned companies, to have this option removed from them could affect the personal service they had come to expect. As with most funeral company acquisitions, the new ownership decided to hide behind the long established family name above the door meaning families were not given clear information to allow them to make an informed choice.

Jackson Family Funeral Directors sunflower logo
Andrew Phillips Funeral Services now under the ownership of Jackson Family Funeral Directors

In April 2019 Jackson Family Funeral Directors acquired the trading name and assets of Andrew Phillips Funeral Services who were entering administration.

During the administration of Andrew Phillips Funeral Services, families had current funeral instructions with them, had purchased funeral plans from them and were holding their loved one’s ashes within the funeral homes. As a company, Jackson Family Funeral Directors made the decision that all of the families who had peace of mind with their instructions could still be cared for by another family owned company.

The acquisition meant a further three funeral homes, in Malvern, Worcester and another in Upton-upon-Severn, had been added to the Jackson Family Funeral Directors group. As you can imagine an expansion of this size, at such a quick speed due to the timeframes of a company liquidation, it was a difficult for the teams of both funeral directors. 

With Matthew and Laura’s desire to hold strong to their original ethos, the Andrew Phillips Funeral Service name was immediately replaced. The adoption of the Jackson Family Funeral Directors’ name was considered a foolish commercial decision by peers within the profession but Matthew and Laura are not known for following the traditional funeral director’s mindset. For them it was all to do with clear information being provided to their communities and not hiding behind someone else’s reputation.

in early 2020, the decision was made to move out of the Upton-upon-Severn’s high street location. This decision was made to help Upton-upon-Severn’s other local businesses. The town is fairly small but largely become a festival town. There are only a limited number of retail space available on the high street and the tourists that attend the festivals are looking for hospitality and retails shops. The funeral office location was quite prominent on the main street and we knew it would serve the town better if used by another local business that would benefit from the festival seasons. The local butcher moved into the premises and Upton had a more tourist friendly feel.