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Our New Pershore Office

Independent, qualified funeral directors based in Upton-upon-Severn and Pershore.

Winner of SME Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018

'Worcestershire Funeral Director of the Year'

Your new Pershore Funeral Directors

We are happy to announce that Jackson Family Funeral Directors have now opened at 68 High Street, Pershore.

The welcome from the community has been lovely. We have received alot of visitors in our first week to wish us well and welcome Matthew Jackson back to Pershore, a town Matthew has served as a funeral director for over 5 years. Pershore and Upton-upon-Severn are incredible towns full of independent businesses and trades, with communities who recognise the importance of 'shopping' local.

Our aim has never to been the biggest funeral directors available but to be small independent branches, run be local people for local people and mainly to give our respective towns a choice.

24 hour personal attention from Matthew Jackson or Mark Campion.

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