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In the current economic climate our money is buying us less. We all want to know that what we do purchase is of a good value.

It is easier than ever to compare prices for cars, houses, insurance, holidays and even fuel. So why do we not compare the prices and services of funeral directors?

Simple..... at the time when we need to look at funeral services, we do not want or cannot cope with the hassle of finding prices. For some reason alot of funeral directors do not make it easy to find out prices without going in to see them and they may not even give costs over the telephone.

As a company we have decided to put our prices online, in the newspaper and will happily discuss a quote over the phone. We have even looked at other funeral director quotes for families, just to make sure they are paying a fair price. We have put the information below to try and help the understanding of a funeral invoice, starting with costs (we've used our own) and also what you should be asking.

A general guide of how much you should be paying for a standard funeral service at a crematorium.

Professional/Administration fees: £650

The provision of a hearse: £200

The conveyance of your loved one to

the funeral directors: £200

The care and preparation of your loved one: £200

Provision of a funeral director and bearers: £200

Funeral director fees total: £1450

A choice of coffin, these can vary but start around £275

Now onto third party fees (these are fees paid out on your behalf). There may be 'handling' fees added to the costs ....... haven't you already paid an administration fee above?

Crematorium: £790 - £1000 this really depends on the crematorium (you can always phone the crematorium to check)

Doctors cremation forms £82 per doctor (these are legal forms, 2 are required for a cremation unless the coroner is involved)

Celebrant/Minister fee: £220 upwards again this depends on the celebrant or minister

Third Party fees total: £1174 (lower end estimate)

Sub-totals: £1450 Funeral Directors Fees

£275 Coffin

£1174 Third Party Fees

Total: £2899

Now onto what you should be asking:

What is the funeral directors experience?

Ideally a minimum of 10 years spread across both independent and national settings.

What qualifications do they have?

There is no legal requirement for a funeral director to be qualified, after all, the profession is un-regulated. I personally wouldn't want an unqualified surgeon to operate on me, there is a big difference between qualified personnel and trained personnel.

The main qualifications are The Diploma in Funeral Services (Level 4, accredited by Greenwich University) or Diploma in Funeral Directing (Level 3, accredited by Birmingham City University)

What facilities do they have in their premises?

Ask to see the facilities, a good funeral director will have nothing to hide. Their mortuary and chapel of rest should be their proudest part of the funeral home. It should be spotless and safe. If the facility is not on site, ask why? Where will your loved one be resting? What if you want to visit your loved one, have you then got to travel? Would that make it inconvenient for you?

It may sound silly but if you are uncomfortable with asking to see the facilities then ask to use the toilet facilities. If the toilet isn't clean then chances are the mortuary isn't either.

Ask them about their hobbies and family?

Funeral directors are driven by interaction and relationship building with families. A strong, trusted relationship works both ways and you will get a better service, as they become an extended part of your family (at least for a few weeks anyway).

So remember, do your research. Make sure you are compfortable with the funeral director. You trust them and finally.... If they promise to price match, then they could have been cheaper in the first place.

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